Modular weight system

In sidemount configuration, correctly distributing your weight while wearing a drysuit and thick undergarment or multiple cylinders is a serious challenge. The unique Stealth 2.0 weight system solves this problem completely. With the modular central weight system, you can distribute weight along your spine so as to achieve the ideal trim in any exposure protection and with multiple sidemounted cylinders.

Double-shell revolutionary design

Double-shell structure of the BCD with outer shell made of Cordura 1100 dTEX provides the highest level of safety for diving in sites such as wrecks. The Stealth 2.0 BCD has a unique multi-chamber design to fit the body tightly, regardless of how full it is. Its anatomical shape makes it extremely comfortable.

Designed by sidemount divers

The Stealth 2.0 system was designed in collaboration with leading cave instructor and explorer, Patrick Widmann. Patrick is one of the world's premier sidemount divers and explorer of Sac Actun and Dos Ojos cave systems in Yucatan Mexico.