How to Choose your Instructor

With many agencies and instructors now jumping on the sidemount wave, there are plenty of options in terms of sidemount training. The question is, how do you choose?

Here's a few criteria that may help you:

  • Do they dive exclusively in sidemount or is it just another configuration for them?
  • Can they provide video/pictures of themselves and their students demonstrating superior sidemount skill?
  • Do they have a passion for diving instruction as well as improving their own diving and experience?
  • Have they invested in their own training from world-class instructors?
  • Do they have high-end technical diving qualifications in sidemount such as Tec Sidemount, Full Cave, Advanced Wreck, or Trimix?
  • Have they dived sidemount extensively in many different environments such as; deep (45m+), wreck and cave?
  • Does their course offer sufficient on-land equipment setup and drills plus plenty of in-water time for skill development?

Bottom line, make sure your instructor has the sidemount skills and experience to make your training investment worthwhile.