Wreck Adventures Course

3 Classroom Sessions and 6 Open Water Dives

This course is usually held over one week and may be undertaken in sidemount or backmount

Ready to move to the next level?

Are you an Advanced or Open Water Diver who wants to take their diving to the next level? Are you sick of short, no decompression limits while diving on air? Do you want to dive a little deeper and explore some of the great wreck dives New Zealand has on offer? If you answered "yes" then this is the course for you.

One Super Efficient wreck diving COurse

Our Wreck Adventures Course combines three key specialties of Nitrox, Deep and Wreck into one super efficient course based around wreck diving. There are many fantastic wrecks to explore in New Zealand but most of them are just out of reach of Open Water certified divers. This course will teach you how to safely dive using Enriched Air Nitrox to a maximum depth of 40m. With these skills in place we will then apply them directly to wreck diving. You will learn the specific techniques required to safely conduct limited wreck penetration dives within no decompression limits using Nitrox.

This course takes advantage of SDI eLearning to maximise the value of our classroom time and focus on in water skills.

Computer Nitrox

2 Hour Classroom Session

We'll start by discussing the relationships between each of the specialties and how they come together in wreck diving. Having completed the SDI Computer Nitrox eLearning program, we review the knowledge requirements and then concentrate on a detailed practical session where you learn how to: correctly analyse nitrox cylinders, record this information, mark your cylinders for oxygen content and maximum operating depth (MOD) and set the correct nitrox mix on your dive computer.

DeEP Diver

3 Hour Classroom Session

Next we cover the the knowledge and skills you will need for Deep Diving to 40m. Again, we utilise SDI eLearning program and focus our classroom time on bedding in the practical skills you will apply when we get in the water. We'll cover the physical effects of deep diving, the risks and how to mitigate them, equipment, use of Nitrox, dive planning and emergency procedures. This session will culminate with us planning our first two Deep Dives using Nitrox.

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wreck diver

3 Hour Classroom Session

Now we get to pull all of our learning together and apply it to Wreck Diving. On completing the SDI Wreck Diver eLearning program, we spend 3 Hours in the classroom covering the knowledge and skills required to conduct limited penetration wreck dives. This will include: wreck hazards, safety, overhead propulsion techniques (frog kick and helicopter turn), wreck penetration techniques, and line laying practice.

open Water dives

2 Open Water and 4 Dives on the Canterbury Wreck

Following the classroom sessions, we are ready to hit the water. Over 3 full days we conduct 6 dives, 2 Open Water Deep Dives and 4 on the Canterbury Wreck using Nitrox. Each dive is preceded by land drills where we review and master each of the skills we will perform on the dive. Once in the water we will execute our dive plans and perform skills such as overhead propulsion techniques, wreck surveying, line laying, limited penetration and emergency drills.

Course Structure

This course usually runs over one week with classroom sessions held on Monday-Wednesday evenings. On Thursday evening we head north for a long weekend of diving at Northland Dive.

Course Equipment

The following equipment is required for this course:

Base dive equipment: exposure protection, mask, fins, BCD, regulator(s), dive cylinders, weight system, dive computer

Course Specific Equipment: Primary reel, safety spool, 3 double ender clips, primary light, backup light, 2 cutting devices, pony bottle with regulator or redundant cylinder/reg (optional but recommended).

Please contact us for advice before buying this equipment.

Course Fees

The course fee is NZD $650 incl. GST and this covers instruction and certification fees. eLearning, accommodation, equipment hire, boat, accommodation and gas at additional cost. Note: Instructor boat and accommodation cost shared amongst course participants.

This is a $235 saving over taking the courses separately.


On successful completion of this course, students will earn: SDI - Computer Nitrox, Deep Diver, and Wreck Diver specialty certifications:. These certifications also count towards three specialty ratings to complete the SDI Advanced Diver Development program and the SDI Master Scuba Diver Development program.