Episode #8 - Brian Kakuk Interview: The Caves of the Bahamas

Photo credit and thanks to  Uli Kunz  - Instagram @uli_kunz

Photo credit and thanks to Uli Kunz - Instagram @uli_kunz

Excellent interview with Brian Kakuk; cave explorer, cave/sidemount instructor and conservationist. Brian is a sidemount diving pioneer and the principal of Bahamas Underground. In this episode we talk about:

  • The early days of sidemount diving

  • How to choose a sidemount harness

  • Cave diving and exploration in Abaco, Bahamas

  • The KISS Sidekick Sidemount Rebreather

  • Science and conservation of the Bahamas Caves

  • Balancing conservation with tourism

  • Sidemount training

and much more....

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Featured in this episode:

Bahamas Underground: http://www.bahamasunderground.com/