Episode #13 - Madagascar Cave Exploration with Patrick Widmann

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In this week's episode sponsored by XDEEP, I speak with Patrick Widmann on the DRSS Madagascar Cave Exploration project.

We cover:

  • How Patrick joined the DRSS

  • His cave exploration partnership with Phillip Lehman

  • How the Madagascar project came about

  • The logistics of exploring in remote locations

  • The hard work that goes unseen

  • Finding a body in the cave

  • Interesting uses for the XDEEP Stealth 2.0 Classic BCD

  • Sidemount CCR

and much more....

Featured in this episode:

Sponsor: XDEEP - https://www.xdeep.eu/

Protec Dive Centres - http://www.protecdiving.com/

DRSS - https://www.dr-ss.com/ 

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