Episode #4 - The Beginnings of Modern Day Sidemount - Steve Bogaerts Interview Part 1

This is a special episode, for a special moment, as we officially launch the "Speaking Sidemount" podcast!!!

Last month, I reached out to Steve Bogaerts... renown cave explorer and one of the modern day greats of sidemount. I asked Steve if he would do an interview for my new podcast on sidemount diving. Without hesitation, he agreed and wow... the information he shared blew me away.

Steve is without doubt one of the most knowledgeable and experienced sidemount divers on the planet but, as we'll learn in this episode, sidemount is just his preferred tool to support his cave exploration efforts. In this interview, Steve shares on the beginnings of modern day sidemount, its applicability to different environments, the development of the Razor system, just what is "Bogaerthian" sidemount, configuring your sidemount system for different environments, and how he sees sidemount training.

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