Episode #19 - Sidemount Diving Niue Island

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In this week's episode sponsored by XDEEP, I share my experiences sidemount diving at Niue Island in the South Pacific including a really cool interview with Shannon Hunter, owner of Buccaneer Adventures Niue Dive.

I cover:

  • Background on Niue Island and what makes it so special

  • Considerations traveling as a sidemount diver

  • Questions to ask dive operators in remote locations

  • How get the operator "onside" and actually enjoy having you dive sidemount

  • The skills you need to have to ensure a smooth sidemount diving experience

  • Your chance to join me to dive/train sidemount in Niue Sep 2019. 

and much more....

Episode Sponsor: XDEEP - https://www.xdeep.eu/

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