Episode #22 - Cave Exploration in British Columbia with Peter Norris

Many thanks to Rebecca Barrett who introduced me to Peter Norris... a cave explorer from British Columbia, Canada. She mentioned Peter was involved in some pretty cool projects and had discovered a unique cave system on Vancouver Island called "Wet Dreams" so with that... I just had to learn more.

Peter's a caver who became a sump and cave diver to extend his capabilities in exploring cave systems. Sidemount was an absolute necessity in this... Not only to enable him to pass restrictions but also to allow him to carry dive equipment through dry cave passages to reach the next sump.

In this episode, we discuss Peter's background in caving, his progression to cave diving and sidemount diving and we delve into his exploration projects, we each recount stories of getting trapped and how we dealt with that, we talk decompression, and to top it off we share our thoughts on AI for technical and sidemount diving.

and much more....

Look out for:

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