Episode #33 Cristina Zenato - Shark Conservation & Cave Diving

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Cristina Zenato has dedicated her life to the protection and conservation of Caribbean Reef Sharks. From her home in the Bahamas, she has spent over 25 years interacting and learning about these amazing animals, to the point where she has real relationships with individual sharks demonstrated by their interactions with her in the water.

 Cristina is world renown for her work with Sharks but she is also a Sidemount and Cave Instructor and a dedicated explorer of the caves of the Bahamas.

 In this week's episode we meet and talk about Cristina's work with Sharks, we share our perspectives on why they are so misunderstood, about what we can do to educate others on sharks, about the issues with and value of shark feeding and shark tourism, and then we talk cave exploration on Grand Bahama Island, about Cristina's use of the KISS Sidewinder CCR, and what I can expect, when I head to Florida to train with Edd Sorenson later this year... All this and much more in this episode.


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