Episode #26 - Expedition Bjurälven with Micke Tilja

Speaking Sidemount Cover E#26.jpg

In this week's episode kindly sponsored by XDEEP, I interview Micke Tilja of Expedition Bjurälven, a project now in its 12th year undertaken by a team of awesome divers and support crew who brave the height of the Swedish winter exploring the Bjurälven cave system in the Swedish mountains.

Micke and I go deep into:

  • his background in diving and sidemount

  • how Expedition Bjurälven came about

  • the equipment they use

  • the skill-sets required to dive in these conditions

  • what they have discovered so far, and

  • what they hope to achieve this year and beyond

  • Plus we talk Baltic wreck diving and about Micke's Podcast

and much more...

Featured in this episode:

XDEEP - https://www.xdeep.eu 

Expedition Bjurälven - https://www.facebook.com/ExpeditionBjuralven

 Divers Community Scandinavia - https://www.dykarna.nu