Episode #27 - Sidemount Essentials with Matteo Varenna

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In this episode, I catch up with Matteo Varenna. Matteo is a terrific sidemount diver and instructor and a great guy as well.

In this episode we go deep into:

  • his background in diving and sidemount

  • what is wrong with Sidemount Specialty Instructor training and how this can be fixed

  • why he decided to become a Sidemount Essentials instructor

  • the importance of video feedback in dive courses

  • the problems with social media and forums

  • his XDEEP presentations on set up and fixing issues

and much more...

Featured in this episode:

Sponsor - XDEEP https://www.xdeep.eu/ 

Sidemount Essentials Training - https://www.sidemounting.com/in-water-training/

Sidemount Fundamentals eBook - https://goo.gl/Davqc1